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Did you know we offer copies of UNSTOPPABLE! AT COST to churches, schools, and parachurch organizations? Did you know we offer FREE ebook copies to any/all kids ministry leaders and elementary school teachers? Just send us an email to from your organizational email address and we'll make it happen!


The UNSTOPPABLE! ministry really began back in 2003, when the author, Kevin M. Kelley, at age 35, was born-again by grace through faith in King Jesus! Kevin fell in love with the Word of God. He soon began teaching a Bible study to young adults, and then felt the LORD was leading him to become equipped for full-time ministry. Kevin began attending seminary in 2005, and eventually moved from San Antonio to Dallas in 2006. Since then, Kevin graduated with his Master of Divinity degree in Chritian Theology, and has served as a lead pastor, missions pastor, connections pastor, small groups pastor, and has published two children's books, including UNSTOPPABLE!


Kevin began writing UNSTOPPABLE! in 2019 out of his enthusiasm for presenting the biblical story of King Jesus' incredible and unstoppable love for ALL of humanity.​​​ It took nearly a year to find just the right artist to illustrate UNSTOPPABLE! Kevin found Mariano Epelbaum through ASTOUND.US  The most time-consuming part of the project was communicating specific ideas to Mariano, and then refining them until everything was just right!

​Once all the illustrations, editing, proofs, and details were all triple-checked, it was finally time for UNSTOPPABLE! to be unleashed! On March 22, 2022, UNSTOPPABLE! was made available through Kindle, Google Play, and iBooks, Amazon, B&N, ChristianBook, etc.

Kevin considers UNSTOPPABLE! much more than a book. It truly is a ministry. One of the most rewarding things about publishing UNSTOPPABLE! has been hearing from children's ministers after reading UNSTOPPABLE! with their church... from children's counselors using it as a tool for counseling kids... from elementary school teachers... and from parents who have enjoyed UNSTOPPABLE! with their kids as a great bedtime story!


We would love for you to partner with us as a member of the TEAM UNSTOPPABLE! ministry!

Here are just a few ideas on how you can #jointeamunstoppable:

  1. PARTNER! We make copies of UNSTOPPABLE! available AT COST to churches, parachurch orgs, and schools! If you're a children's leader, please contact us at for more info

  2. SHARE! Share a story or a pic with us about how UNSTOPPABLE! has impacted your ministry. We'd love to hear from you!

  3. GIFT! Gift copies of UNSTOPPABLE! with friends, coworkers, neighbors, local pastors and children's ministers, etc. You can purchase eBook copies for just $2.99 on Google Play, iBooks, and Amazon's Kindle and send them directly to an email address or cell number!

  4. REVIEW! After you've read UNSTOPPABLE! please leave a short review (not just a rating) on the site where you purchased it. Text reviews carry a lot of weight, so we truly appreciate you letting everyone know about your favorite line or illustration, and how much your kids enjoyed the book!

  5. REGISTER! As a member of TEAM UNSTOPPABLE! through our CONTACT page and become eligible for prize packages including UNSTOPPABLE! merch like t-shirts, keychains, coffee mugs, etc.!

Grace and Peace,

-Kevin M. Kelley




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