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Updated: Apr 16

Remember not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, when NOT wearing a mask made one a social outcast, in fact, a hateful, irresponsible criminal?

Remember when refusing the government COVID vaccination mandate put people's careers and livelihood in jeopardy?

Remember pastors being threatened, fined, and detained for not closing down their churches and actually being obedient to Hebrews 10:25?

Remember all the noise and outrage drummed up by a certain radically liberal and leftist group?

Remember all of imposed without any substantiated scientific evidence - and we were just supposed to trust our government?

Remember those in the scientific and medical communities who spoke up and spoke out being ridiculed as quacks and blackballed?

Then, when the actual science came out disproving all their rules, regulations, and civil rights violations, the media quietly published a list of bullet points, effectively saying nothing more than, "Oops."

Shame on our government for allowing the CDC to be in bed with corrupt politicians in bed with pharmaceutical companies in bed with a radically atheistic, God-hating agenda.

They've normalized and perpetuated baby sacrifice in the form of millions of abortions annually for decades.

They've normalized and perpetuated the exploitation, manipulation, and mutilation of young people in mind, body, and spirit through a weaponized education system and the LGBT+ "tolerance" movement.

They've normalized and perpetuated the polarization of synthetic skin color issues - calling them race issues - when there’s only one race - the human race.

They've normalized and perpetuated the gradual erosion of free speech, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - found exclusively in Christ Jesus, the way, the truth, and the life.

Don’t get me wrong, as Christians we have certainly done more than our part in compounding and exacerbating the problems - with corrupt televangelists, pedophiles tolerated, charismatic entertainers recruited, the historical exploitation and mistreatment of indigenous peoples... various ethnicities... even women and children.

But confusing what men have done historically with Christianity for what Christ intended - and then throwing the baby out with the bath water - clearly isn’t the solution.

What if legit followers of The Way actually began owning our Great Commission as the local church?

What if we actually loved one another and the lost more than our rights and personal entitlements? What if we actually gave ourselves over as slaves to Christ... His will... His mission... His Father's agenda?

What if we stopped deferring to the government to tell us what’s right, true, and good, and instead went to Christ Jesus and obeyed His Word?

What if we actually took seriously His promise: that in trusting, obeying, and following Him He would be with us always, the Gates of Hades would not prevail, and we would -literally- bring about His holy and righteous return, reign, and sovereign rule upon the Earth.

How far this nation has fallen from, “In God We Trust.” But the truth is that from the time of Israel's exile, His commission was never again entrusted to an earthly nation. Instead, it's been entrusted to His Body and Bride, The Church.

So what do you say? Y’all ready? Let’s do this in King Jesus’ mighty and holy Name for His everlasting glory!

And all God’s people said… (respond in the comments below)

Grace and peace,

-Kevin M. Kelley

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