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Break Out!

Updated: Mar 4

There are times in life when we all feel stuck, trapped, confined... even imprisoned. In these dark times of hopelessness, of walking "through the Valley of The Shadow of Death," it can feel as though we'll never experience joy ever again. That's just not true.

After Moses died, Joshua spoke these words of life and encouragement to the nation of Israel, “This Law must not cease to leave your mouth, but rather you are to meditate, ponder, recite, and speak it day and night in order to keep watch, for then you will break out, and then you will be prosperous."

Skipping over God's instructions and fast-forwarding to "prosperity" would be like eating a cake without mixing the ingredients or baking it. Joshua wasn't speaking as a self-help guru selling something, or as a political candidate massaging votes for his reelection campaign. Instead, Joshua was sharing divine truth and process as direct revelation from God.

  • Do you want to be prosperous, i.e. living skillfully, wise, successful, and breaking out of worldly habits and patterns, which leave us empty, anxious, depressed, broken, or hurting? If so, then Scripture reveals our keeping watch is absolutely essential.

  • What does it mean to keep watch? It means we live laser-focused lives like guards on a watchtower. We're not torn between the patterns of the world (comfort, acceptance, prestige, fame, fortune, power...) and the things of Christ (redemption, unity, humility, love, service, kindness, faith...). The reason we're not torn is that we've died to self, been buried with Him in baptism, and are living exclusively for His kingdom and glory.

  • How do we get there? God's revelation through Joshua certainly was NOT about adding a "daily devotional," a "private quiet time," or being passive attendees in another Bible study or church service. It's about our being so intimately devoted to and connected with Christ as The Word (John 1:1-2), that we actually become His spokespeople, ambassadors, and witnesses to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).

When Joshua said, “This Law must not cease to leave your mouth, but rather you are to meditate on it day and night toward the goal of keeping watch, for THEN you will break out, and THEN you will be prosperous," what he was revealing is this: There's a kind of prosperity the world offers. It's false, evasive, hollow, and fleeting. There's another kind of prosperity King Jesus offers. It's true, attainable, pleasant, and everlasting.

Do you want to BREAK OUT from depression, anxiety, emptiness, and fear? Do you want to BREAK OUT from the vicious cycle sin has you stuck in? Do you want to know legit and everlasting prosperity?

If so, the Bible instructs us to begin with God's word, the Bible, and to meditate, ponder, pray, speak and live Scripture in and as Gospel Community. That's what it means to keep watch. If we abide in Christ as members of His Body and Bride doing the good works God prepared in advance for us to walk in... and His words, commands, instructions, and commission abide in us, King Jesus said, "ask whatever you wish and it will be granted." That's prosperity!

The Cross of Christ is proof there's more to life than the world's false, elusive, hollow, and fleeting version of "prosperity."

What about you? Are you ready for some legit, attainable, and pleasant prosperity that endures forever? Are you ready to BREAK OUT in Christ?

Grace and Peace,





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