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Updated: Mar 4

The psalmist couldn't help but ask himself a profound and probative question in Psalm 116:12...

“How can I repay the LORD

for all His goodness to me?”

The question isn’t about “earning” salvation. Instead, it's a supernatural welling-up from inside! It's an unquenchable desire for tangible action to demonstrate legitimate gratitude.

Thanksgiving is never obligatory legalism. Instead, it's joyful payback hardwired into us by our Creator and Savior, King Jesus (2 Cor 9:6-7).

The psalmist was able to answer his own question - not through autonomous “good ideas” or “random acts of kindness” - but receptivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit, as service within the context, leadership, and accountability of Gospel community.

“I will lift the cup of salvation

and call on the name of the LORD.

I will fulfill my vows to the LORD

in the presence of all His people.”

-Psalm 116:13-14

My response to all the ridiculous goodness God has show, is showing, and will continue to shower upon me in Christ - certainly can be that of a selfish, spoiled, and entitled end-user… or, like the psalmist, I can choose to surrender my entire life to be sanctified unto the LORD " the presence of all His people," as a member of His poiema (Ephesians 2:10).

In Christ, I now have the ability to call upon His Name, not for more blessings, enlarged territory, or bigger and better promises, but mundane opportunities to see Him glorified in and through my denying self, picking up my cross daily, and following Him through obedience to The Word - as a member of His Body and Bride (John 12:48; 14:23-24).

In being born-again by grace through faith in Christ, I can now choose something previously impossible as a sinner... I can now be intentional about payback, i.e. fulfilling my vows to the King of Kings for the mercy, grace, love, and extravagant goodness He showed me at the Cross as I serve in and through the local church.

I'm not waiting for His return or Him calling me home to get after repaying Him for all the goodness He's shown to me. Right now is the time for payback with my entire life as a servant and slave of Christ (Matt 20:24-28).

How 'bout you?

Grace and Peace,





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