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Updated: Apr 3

Who doesn't love strawberry cake? I know I sure do! If you've ever baked any kind of cake, you probably already know there are several ingredients that go into making it. Several of those ingredients are already in the box if you use a cake mix. If you bake from scratch, there's no box or package. Instead, all the ingredients are fresh.

Whether you use a mix or bake a cake from scratch, every cake needs all the ingredients in just the right proportions. One thing that is absolutely essential to making a cake is water. If you leave out that one key ingredient, then there's no chance your cake will bake properly. It'll actually turn out to be a complete disaster!

The very same thing happens when we try to live life without King Jesus as our Sovereign Lord. Sovereign simply means one who reigns and rules over everything. That's exactly who King Jesus is! He's not just in charge of some things sometimes. Instead, Jesus is Sovereign over all things at all times, and He always has been. That's because even though King Jesus became fully human at His birth, He's not a regular person like you and me. Jesus is the eternal Word and has always been fully divine as the Son of God. That means Jesus is the only one who is fully human and fully God! How cool is that!

If you're reading this you probably have access to a Bible (visit In just the first chapter of the Gospel according to John, we find out a whole lot about King Jesus!

  • Jesus is "The Eternal Word," which means King Jesus is the eternal and perfect communicator!

  • He was not only with God (together with the Father and the Spirit) in the beginning, which means King Jesus is eternal, but John also tells us Jesus was God! That means God is and has always been Holy Trinity - Father, Son, and Spirit!

  • King Jesus is revealed as "The Light"

  • Jesus is "The Creator" of everything that exists!

  • Jesus is the One from heaven who gives us the privilege of becoming children of God the Father.

  • Jesus is God who came to dwell with us because He doesn't want us to stay stuck in our sin.

  • Jesus is also called "The Lamb of God" because He came from heaven sacrificing Himself to take away all of our sins!

How amazing is that!!! King Jesus didn't come so that we'd become religious fakers or actors. He didn't come so we'd go through the motions like stuffy, boring, or grumpy old religious people. Yuck! He came so that we could experience total transformation and the new life that GUSHES forth from our being born-again by God's grace through faith in King Jesus.

King Jesus' love for us truly is UNSTOPPABLE! He stepped down from heaven - not just to save us from Hell, but so that we could be transformed into something completely new! He went to The Cross and died to pay the penalty for all our lies, all our mistakes, all our ugliness, -ALL- our sins!

People who truly love King Jesus don't keep His identity and love all to themselves! No way! Instead, we spend the rest of our lives finding ways to communicate to everyone that "Jesus is King!" That's the GOSPEL!

If we're living life without King Jesus as our Sovereign Lord, if we're just pretending to be Christians but refuse to "receive Him" with open hearts, or if we're not telling anyone about His UNSTOPPABLE! love, then we're actually the people in John 1:10-11 who King Jesus said actually reject Him and refuse His amazing gift of everlasting life!

When we try living life without King Jesus it's like trying to bake a cake without water. The inevitable result is that everything will turn out to be a total disaster! Thankfully, King Jesus died so THAT disaster doesn't have to be how our story ends!

Grace and Peace,


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