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Updated: Apr 3

As pastor and theologian, Voddie Baucham has said, "Everybody loves Jesus until you define who He is." Everyone, including Satan, is cool with promoting a non-biblical, perverse, and completely fictitious Jesus: the thumbs-up hippie pacifist, the "I'm okay, you're okay" holy man, the Venice Beach meditating spiritual guru, the non-judgmental moral example, or the teacher of fortune cookie wisdom.

It’s only the true Jesus of Scripture that depraved humanity abhors. It's only when He's revealed as the Eternal Son, the unique God-Man, the Creator & Sovereign Lord, the One to whom the Heavenly Father has given all authority, the indomitable and victorious Serpent-Crusher, the Exclusive Way, Truth, and Life, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the cosmos, and the One to whom all tribute, glory, honor, and praise belongs - it's only in the light of Scripture's revelation that the real Jesus produces repentance or repugnance.

That Jesus, the one revealed in and through Holy Scripture, along with His unwavering supreme authority and exclusivity is manifestly offensive to fallen humanity. We've all seized the forbidden fruit of Eden in a willful act of defiant rebellion. All have sought to elevate ourselves to the Throne of Glory by redefining what is good and evil rather than submitting to the perfect wisdom and will of the King.

Christ determines, defines, affirms, and gives life. Therefore, we demand the right to redefine its origins, quality, and usefulness in order to justify snuffing it out through genocide, abortions, the death penalty, and euthanasia.

Our Creator defines specific binary genders as exclusively male (XY) or female (XX) and subsequent roles. Therefore, we attempt to undermine His authority in eliminating the “oppressive” boundaries of gender, roles, sexuality, marriage, family, and pronouns.

The Sovereign Lord defines humanity based exclusively on our relationship with Him (Gal 3:28) - either redeemed in Christ or persistent reprobates in sin. Therefore, we strive to redefine humanity based on ethnicity, skin color, finances, political views, geographical location, education level, etc.

Everyone loves Jesus until He is exposed as Sovereign LORD… until we're back in Eden with the crafty Serpent whispering its lies of temptation... until we understand we face the same choice as Adam & Eve every day in every decision.

Is our life’s goal in every moment, every decision, and every situation the manifest expression of His will? Is it a yearning, willingness, and availability as instruments of His love? Is it a desperate dependency and desire for His Name to be exalted among the nations to lead our brothers and sisters home? Or are we choosing for ourselves precisely where and when He is LORD?

Fallen and finite beings cannot dictate terms and boundaries to God Almighty. In seizing and choosing for ourselves, just as the crafty Serpent and Accuser had hoped, we expose this reality: We're choosing to erect our forever residences in the wastelands outside of Eden's paradise. God doesn't condemn us to Hell. We take care of that all on our own.

The carnal or cultural Christian is a convenient figment of depraved human invention. Those who "love" Jesus as anything other than Sovereign LORD are effectively and functionally no different than atheists, existential nihilists, Buddhists, Mormons, Muslims, or Moralists.

Everyone "loves" Jesus. But is the Jesus you love Scripture's Sovereign or merely some convoluted idol of self-worship? Does Jesus have your fickle thumbs-up of approval or does He have the repentance and obedient surrender of all your heart, soul, mind, and strength as the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords?

Grace and Peace,


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